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Hardware Supply Professionals in Ardmore, PA

Since 1982, DMI’s staff of career professionals has focused on prompt personalized service.

Family owned and operated, DMI has grown over the past three decades to over 20,000 square feet of retail space. We offer the “old time” shopping experience which simply cannot be found in the big chain stores. We are large enough to satisfy all your home repair needs, yet small enough to care. With our rental division, we have the tools, supplies, and knowledge to help you with any project from a leaky faucet to a new addition.

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Customer Service is our Mission!

We stock a wide variety of products and tools for your home and garden. Try DMI, your local hardware store, before going to a big chain store. We hope you'll find DMI Home Supply is the home of friendly experts & professionals who are more than happy to help with your next project!

Our Happy Customers

Ann Keech
Feb 17, 2024

The best! Stressed, I needed to replace broken nut and bolt that held footrest on family member's wheelchair. From previous visits, knew I wouldn't have to walk a mile to find someone who might be able to get the right size. He was knowledgeable, friendly, a problem-solver, testing the fit to be sure it was going to work - and tightened it on for me! Also, it was easy for me to find a bunch of other things needed for crafts and home maintenance. Made my day, and I'm sure that will continue. DMI - thank you!

Marc Hamil
Sep 28, 2023

Please note. DMI can be initially intimidating to non Tradesmen and at times, It can feel like one is on their own or being judged there, but this is more of a Blue Collar Delco thing than anything personal I think. DMI is superior to Do It Best in many ways and I will often go to DMI before a big box store. They are very helpful and knowledgeable, but the OG older employees are very matter of fact and not chatty kinds of people. It’s best to know what you want, although you can honestly ask them all you need to, but they are expected to be upfront at the registers, so they can seem abrupt. Younger workers there are more patient. Once I realized all this, my experience there improved. The lumber selection and prices are good. Definitely Better than Do It Best and the quality usually (not always price) is better typically than Big Box Stores. Don’t take anything personally, they are just old school Delco types (from my perspective). I recommend them.

Raymond Ehly
Jul 01, 2023

These guys are awesome! Friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating . Have used them over 15yrs from rental equipment- home use. Absolutely recommend, I should have done this year's ago !

Charissa Hannigan
Jun 08, 2023

Rented 15 tables (assorted sizes) and 40 chairs for a Friday evening event. As promised they were delivered Thursday afternoon and picked up Saturday morning. The tables were very sturdy (and heavy) being long with wood tops. The chairs were perfect. They delivered and left them in our back/side yard and picked them up the same. Thom was great to work with. Others promised a Monday pick up which didn't work for our schedule. D.M.I. did what we asked and had a Saturday pick up!! Best price in the area, too!! Would not hesitate to use them again based on our experience with this little order!!

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DMI Home Supply Philadelphia has a vast selection of tools and hardware for any home repair project including power tools, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, rental equipment, party tents, and more.

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